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MOnica favaretto

Monica started her personal yoga journey attending classes at Red Hot Yoga in Atlanta, Georgia, USA where the owner/instructor Bethany Vaughn incorporates the methods of B.K.S. Iyengar into her classes, paying particular attention to the precise alignment of each pose. In July 2015 Monica completed her Yoga Alliance RYT 200 hour course guided by Bethany Vaughn. Monica taught at the Red Hot Yoga Atlanta studio for some time before completing her advanced training and earning her Yoga Alliance RYT 500 hour certificate, again under the superior tutelage of Bethany Vaughn. Monica's objective is for you to experience the physical benefits of yoga and learn how to connect within yourself to that place that allows healing from the inside out. 


CHristopher Brazukas

Chris is a Certified Yoga Alliance RYT 200 hour instructor. He participated in his Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hour training at Red Hot Yoga in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Chris taught Hot Yoga classes at the Red Hot Yoga Atlanta studio right up until moving to Trieste to follow his dream of operating a studio here in Italy. He is also a Martial Arts instructor and has a Black Belt Certificate (number 114) from the Ching Yi Kung Fu Association in Taiji, Ching Yi, Bagua Zhang, and Praying Mantis style Kung Fu. During the summer, besides teaching yoga, he works on the beach as a Lifeguard. Chris loves swimming, hiking and climbing in the mountains (Alps) and the Karst, and being on the yoga mat. LINKS - YOGA ALLIANCE DIRECTORY CHING YI KUNG FU BLACK BELTS


Laura Schepis

Laura’s passion for artistic and sporting disciplines began as a child, starting with classical dance. Over the years she’s practiced numerous activities - modern dance, rhythmic gymnastics, horse riding, sailing, volleyball, and skiing. In 2012 she is introduced to Pilates and falls in love with it, conquered by the harmony of this exercise method that allows her to work effectively on both physical and mental well-being. Since becoming certified as an instructor, Laura has deepened her path through workshops, conventions and master classes, with the strong belief that continuing education is essential. Laura first approached yoga in 2016, through self-teaching and then later attending some regular yoga courses, until in 2018 when she began practicing regularly at the studio of Monica and Chris, with whom she began to collaborate with in 2019. Laura is passionate about graphics, a field in which she has worked for over twenty years. She loves creative work and spending time outdoors.