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onlYoga Studio is celebrating one year of teaching and practicing Yoga in Trieste.

We’re inviting our students and friends to come and have a toast with us. If you’ve been practicing with us for a while or are visiting our studio for the first time, bring along a friend and join us! There will be a raffle for Yoga and Pilates classes and massage services (you must be present to win).

RSVP by email confirming your attendance to no later than 9/25.


When you’re in the heat of the yoga room it increases your need to focus and concentrate. It’s very easy to let the heat become a distraction. What the heat will do is make you aware of the distractions that you carry around with you on a daily basis. when you start to heat up you heat them up and they start to act up, and that’s good, because the whole process of your yoga experience, in the physical yoga and the breath work we’re doing in our class gets increased exponentially. That is why hot yoga is very desirable, because it actually increases your awareness that much more quickly. You also detoxify more quickly and you become aware of a lot more about yourself a lot more quickly. The purpose of your practice is to alleviate the suffering we go through in our daily life by helping you to understand where you suffer, how it is you suffer, and how you feel. How you think and how you act begins to open up to you each time you come onto your yoga mat. You don’t speak, you are in your mind and your body and you are with yourself and everyone else and we are all interconnected, but you must face who you are in each and every moment. As we move through our heated yoga practice you begin using your breath to start connecting within yourself, not concerning yourself with everyone else, and only concerning yourself with how you’re doing, with how you’re feeling, with what you’re thinking. If you can increase the amount of positivity you feel internally then you will see that reflected in the outside world in every other aspect of your life. It’s very important in yoga, and we know yoga is trendy right now, to remember that yoga is a serious practice, it is a way of being, it is a way to help you see and feel who you truly are from within. You don’t even have to name it yoga, there are many methodologies that do this same thing and within each of us we have this. We’re going to go find it. 

 -- Bethany Vaughn, Red Hot Yoga, Atlanta, Georgia --

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